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“Eat Everything.”

I’ve been out travelling the world for the past three weeks.  As such, I’ve had zero time to keep up with my blog. It also means that it’s been so long since the first week in Ireland, that I’m less … Continue reading

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I’d Like to Phone a Friend, Regis

I am the world’s most stubborn person when it comes to the doctor. It’s not that I’m scared of doctors or hospitals, I’m not even scared of needles (except when they’re trying to draw blood from my tiny veins, and … Continue reading

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La Victoire!

This week has been nothing short of remarkable for me. Let’s do a recount: For one, the weather has been beyond amazing. I had forgotten a) what the sun looked like and b) what double digit temperatures felt like (except … Continue reading

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A Melting Pot’s Pilgrimage

I’m what you would call a Heinz 57. When people ask me where I’m from, I ask them how much time they have. Often times, I pull out whichever nationality suits me best in the given scenario. When I’m travelling, … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Prague

It’s said that nothing beats learning through experience. A day into my weekend trip to Prague, however, I realized it would have been just as well if my knowledge of Prague began and ended only on the pages of WikiTravel. … Continue reading

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Day Ten: Red Pepper Bread Gypsies Upstroke

I don’t suppose I could ever understand how people studied and travelled abroad before the invention of the Internet. Since I have finally gotten it in my room, an entire world of freedom and independence has opened for me. Without … Continue reading

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Day Eight: Party Like It’s Neunzehnneunundneunzig

The student life is meant to be run on simply fumes, but after a month and a half long break between my two semesters, it was certainly a jarring experience to hear my alarm buzzing only three hours after I … Continue reading

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