In Soviet Russia, Police Rob You!

People have often said the events of my life could be in a tv show, unfortunately, it’s often a “soap opera” or “greek tragedy.” And some days, I’m definitely inclined to agree:

I had offered a new friend to take him for a tour of Vienna while he was visiting (blind leading the blind), so I was flying along in the train to meet him.

A clean cut, 20-30 something year old man came and stood beside me. Immediately, three plain clothes officers cornered us. Now, this is a massive assumption on my part that they were, in fact, plain clothes officers because I only saw one of them flash an unfamiliar badge quickly from under his jacket. The man quickly fumbled around in his pockets looking for his wallet, and when he found it, he pulled out his residence registration. After scrutinizing the form, the police snatched the shopping bag that was in his hand, and threw the form and his entire wallet into the bag. I was worried if they would then turn to me, asking for my papers, too, but as I searched their eyes, they seemed completely oblivious to the fact I was standing there. They then demanded his backpack and began rifling through all of this things. I realized then it was my cue to leave. I squeezed through the wall of officers to move to the other side of the train just as we pulled up to our stop. I rushed off the train, but not before I watched the officers roughly escorting the man off the train with a very gruff, “Links” (left).

When I brought it up with my local friends that night, none of them had ever heard of anything like it before.

Well. If that’s not disconcerting…


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