Day Six: I Thee Wed, Sacher Torte

Despite my mangled German vocabulary, I have certainly tried my hardest to blend in with the Viennese. So you can imagine how broken hearted I was when I heard a group of elderly women at the Sacher Hotel call my friends and I English tourists as though we had single handedly ruined Sunday tea. Luckily, I had a plate full of Sacher torte in front of me to ease the pain.

Finding Sacher torte has been amongst my top objectives since before I arrived. For those of you not in the know, Sacher torte is two layers of semi-sweet chocolate cake delicately coated in a rich chocolate icing with a thin spread of apricot jam between the cake layers. It was rumored to be one of the many things Vienna is renown for and OHMAGAW, GURL! When I die, I would like to be buried in a Sacher torte. Please and thank you.

After a long and arduous journey to find the ever-elusive grocery store open on Sunday, a strong cup of coffee and some chocolate was clearly well deserved.

Leave it to the Canadian make the first German phrase she learns “excuse me.” Apparently this was all for naught as social politesse is not social policy here in Vienna. Even a question as simple as “Where is the grocery store Billa near the university?” is tossed aside as though we had just asked them for the keys to their Mercedes. And so, what originally began as a Belgian and two Calgarians taking a quick trip to the market quickly became a safari, albeit a fruitful one eventually. When we finally discovered the Billa, we quickly filled our cart with the first delicious, delicious veggies we’d seen in nearly a week. Fun fact: here in Europe, when you buy a strawberry, it, in fact, tastes like a REAL strawberry. If someone would be so kind as to pass that note onto California for when I return to Canada, that would be great.

Tomorrow, I take on my first German class, official registration at WU, and round two with Haus Panorama’s Internet office. I’m uncertain as to who will come out on top, but I’ve got some money placed on me. It’s like my very own Super Bowl, which I missed last night thanks to the time difference. Let’s hope I really dig deep and play like a team in that last quarter by giving it 110%. HIKE!

XOXO Chocolate Thunder

P.S. This just absurd! Ghost Flatmate, I swear I can hear you. I am seriously considering setting up booby traps to find out if you really exist. Consider yourself warned.


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